Transactional Tax Compliance

RTC Associates, LLC uses innovative technology to prepare and submit reports accurately, efficiently, and on-time.


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RTC Associates, LLC is committed to ensuring your satisfaction by providing accurate and professional tax preparation services.

We combine industry expertise with innovative technology to file a multitude of tax returns to various jurisdictions on your behalf. With our process, reports and payments are filed on time, reducing late fees and penalties assessed.

RTC Associates is equipped to prepare and file many types of returns, including, but not limited to: sales, use, telecom (E911, franchise fees, licensing, etc.), and gross receipts.

In addition, RTC monitors revenue thresholds to increase or decrease your reporting frequency. We will then adjust the method of payment to promote the accurate and timely filing of all reports and payments.


8 Steps Process

Clients send data: The process begins with the client sending their data to RTC Associates

Verify data: RTC Associates verifies the accuracy of rates and jurisdictions

Communication: RTC communicates discrepancies to the client for corrections

Accuracy: RTC completes the final accuracy check and prepares returns

Liabilities: RTC informs the client of any liabilities due and client submits funds to RTC

Filing: RTC files and remits reports and payments to appropriate jurisdictions

Government Jurisdictions: RTC manages communications with all of the applicable jurisdictions

Secure Web Access: Client has secure web access to returns as well as interactive reporting tools


What Other Services We Offer

Transactional Tax Compliance

RTC Associates, LLC will work with your business to ensure compliance with all local, state, and federal tax laws.

Telecom Regulatory Compliance

RTC Associates, LLC offers innovative technology to streamline and simplify your telecom tax calculations, saving you time and money.


RTC Associates, LLC can save you time and money by taking on the administrative tasks of running your corporation.


RTC-CIS, Inc. offers Registered Agent service in all fifty states and the District of Columbia to help you with your business registration.


RTC Associates, LLC can help you with the compliance issues related to your personal business property taxes.

Tax Exemption Certificates

Our professionals at Certificate Management Services will work with you to ensure that the right certificates are on file and up to date.

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