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RTC Associates, LLC utilizes the most innovative technology to provide customer service that is incomparable. Our team of highly qualified individuals, combined with our dedication to excellence, ensures that your reports are filed accurately, efficiently, and on time.


  • Accurate 99% 99%
  • Efficient 100% 100%
  • On Time 99% 99%
  • Innovative 98% 98%

RTC Associates, LLC is committed to serving our clients with Accurate, Efficient and On-Time filing of all reports and taxes.

RTC is a privately held company, founded on the principles of developing and implementing a proficient report generation system to comply with federal, state and local tax, regulatory, and corporate service matters. We have designed and built a reporting system that is genuinely state-of-the-art, automating the arduous process of reporting. Being prepared for the complexities that the industry encounters, RTC strives to be proactive. Using today’s most innovative technology, we continually update our program.

With a dedicated team of highly qualified service professionals, we feature over 25 years of experience in the tax reporting and telecom industry. We support our clients in maintaining good standing with the various regulatory authorities, on both state and federal levels. Our clients range across the industry spectrum from small “start up” enterprises to large facilities based carriers. RTC Associates, LLC develops client relationships with reliable service, quick response times, and exceptional results to encourage continued referrals.

Professional Team

With over 25 years of combined experience in the industry, we diligently update our records with the most current tax and regulatory compliance matters.

Customer Service

It is our goal to provide all of our customers with an exceptional customer experience.


We strive to keep up with the latest technological advances in order to maintain current regulatory requirements and up to the minute rates, and to facilitate the filing of accurate reports.


Main Services


RTC strives to provide the ultimate customer service experience for our clients. We maintain the most current information to ensure our clients’ compliance with constantly changing rules and regulations.

Telecom Regulatory

  • Report preparation and timely filing of FCC, USF, TRS, PUC and Gross Revenue Reports
  • Tracks all invoices and correspondences to and from each jurisdiction

Property Tax Compliance

  • On time preparation and filing of Property Tax reports
  • Assessments are analyzed to assure correct invoicing from local jurisdictions

Corporate Services

  • On time preparation and filing of Secretary of State reports
  • New Registrations

Transactional Tax Compliance

  • Sales, Use, Telecom, and Gross Receipts returns are accurately filed prior to due dates
  • Remits tax payments on your behalf-either by check or electronic funds transfer to all applicable jurisdictions from funds provided by you prior to due dates

Bill Rating & Reporting

  • Proper identification of tax types and fees for invoicing
  • Proper applicability of federal, state and local jurisdictional taxes
  • Reports include compliance detail, regulatory and tax remittance

Registered Agent

  • Immediate and dependable notification delivery system
  • Communicates on your behalf, ensuring prompt notice delivery

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