Our Process


8 Steps Process

RTC employees work diligently each month to route the workload in the most efficient manner possible, while maintaining the accuracy and reliability of the information reported. In a collaborative effort with our clients, we avoid errors and reduce late fees and/or penalties. Our 8 step process allows for ease of use and reliable reporting practices.


Step 1

The process begins with the client sending their data to RTC Associates

Step 2

RTC Associates verifies the accuracy of rates and jurisdictions

Step 3

RTC communicates discrepancies to client for corrections

Step 4

RTC completes the final accuracy check and prepares returns

Step 5

RTC informs the client of any liabilities due and client submits funds to RTC

Step 6

RTC files and remits reports and payments to appropriate jurisdictions

Step 7

RTC manages communications with all of the applicable jurisdictions

Step 8

Client has secure web access to returns as well as interactive reporting tools

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