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Our team of professionals are ready to assist your company with the multitude of reporting requirements demanded of telecom companies post certification. Most companies find it to be both complicated and perplexing keeping up with the many regulatory agencies' rules and reporting requirements. In some cases, mandatory reporting requires telecom companies to file hundreds of reports on a yearly basis.

RTC Associates, LLC can help to eliminate costly penalties or revocation of your certification to conduct business with the FCC, Universal Service Funds (USF) and State Public Utility Commissions (PUC). Timely submission and industry knowledge are what RTC provides.

Telecom Regulatory Compliance Services

RTC provides telecom regulatory compliance service for, but not limited to: IXC, CLEC, VoIP, OSP, Prepaid Calling Card, Wireless, Payphone Owners, Wholesale Providers, and Eligible Telecom Carriers (ETC).

Telecom Regulatory

RTC Associates, LLC can eliminate costly penalties and keep your company in good standing with the FCC, USF, and state PUC offices.

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