Professional Telecommunications Services

Telecom Regulatory Compliance

Telecom Regulatory


RTC Associates, LLC combines industry knowledge and timely submission of reports to maintain your good standing with the FCC, USF and state PUC offices. Our professional and efficient staff can help eliminate costly penalties and revocation of your certificate to conduct business.

Transactional Tax Compliance

Transactional Tax Compliance


RTC Associates, LLC is committed to assuring your satisfaction by providing both accurate and timely tax preparation services. We combine industry expertise with innovative technology when trusted with your critical return data.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services


RTC Associates, LLC offers services you can count on with your Secretary of State reporting requirements. Our state of the art computer system and internal calendar ensure that your reports are filed accurately and on time.

Property Tax Compliance

Property Tax Compliance


RTC Associates, LLC understands the complex and changing regulations regarding personal business property tax holdings. Our team of professionals can assist you with administration and management of personal business property tax dealings.

Welcome to RTC Associates, LLC

Your Telecommunications Regulatory and Compliance Experts

RTC Associates LLC Telecommunications Tax Regulatory Compliance Experts

RTC Associates, LLC is cognizant of the high cost, inconvenience, and anxiety associated with tax, telecom regulatory, and corporate services. The solution to reduce your risks, costs, and stress associated with regulatory and tax compliance is to partner with us. With RTC as your strategic partner your reports are prepared accurately, efficiently, and on time.

We are uniquely positioned to provide telecom regulatory compliance, tax compliance, secretary of state reporting, sales, use, telecom, and property tax reporting within a centralized unit. Our state-of-the-art proprietary system, CASSY 360, is the one solution to assist your company in keeping pace with the mounting new regulatory and tax compliance rules and regulations. The functionality of CASSY 360 is designed to be both simple and easy to use.

Our team of professionals offers collective experience with telecom regulatory, tax, and corporate services reporting. Working with clients on a collaborative basis, our focus is on efficiency and accuracy as your single telecom regulatory and tax service provider.